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Faceted Search: Designing Your Content, Navigation, and User Interface

Pete BellDaniel Tunkelang

Pete Bell and Daniel Tunkelang of Endeca

Length: 90 Minutes

Price: $ 149.00

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When your site makes the jump from a standard on-site search to faceted search, your design process needs to change also. They are not the same, either for the users or for the designers. With the new power provided by a strong faceted implementation comes a lot more up-front and long-term effort. If you're not prepared, you'll quickly find yourself overwhelmed.

People come to your site to get the information they need, by exploring, discovering, and making comparisons. You want them to successfully sift through all of your content, quickly and effectively. Faceted search delivers on that promise, in spades, but not without good planning and a great strategy.

What is a facet?

Watch this 7-minute preview from Pete, or read more about the presentation.

Trouble viewing the preview? Watch Designing for Faceted Search on Slideshare.

Designing for Faceted Search

The good news is it's quick and easy to understand how to design for facets. Where teams get tripped up is knowing what problems need solving. In this seminar, Pete Bell and Daniel Tunkelang will help you navigate a successful faceted-search design, showing you the solutions you'll need. This seminar is a great opportunity to get the entire team on the same page about the transition to faceted search.

Pete and Daniel will show you before-and-after looks at e-commerce, media, corporate, and intranets sites. They will teach you the essentials you need to launch your own faceted search system and discuss the pitfalls you'll want to prepare for.

Through this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the basic rules of facet analysis to categorize your content
  • How to effectively work with both structured content, such as catalogs, and unstructured content, such as documents
  • How to design for complex interaction models, such as multi-selects using AND, OR, or even negation
  • How to avoid “gotchas” for category counts or search wildcards, so your design meets your users' expectations

Pete and Daniel will show you how to think in terms of information scent and give your users feedback as they're getting closer to their goal. And since good faceted-search is a conversation, you'll see how to interpret your users' response so you know what to show next.

Read a chapter of Daniel's book, Faceted Search

Why Pete and Daniel?

Faceted Search delivers tremendous power to your users, yet it changes the design process. You need to understand these changes, so we've called on two of the smartest people we know.

Pete Bell is a co-founder of Endeca and has more than ten years of experience designing faceted search systems for more than 600 companies. Pete writes and speaks frequently about information science, including the annual Search Engine Meeting, Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative conference, and the Boston Museum of Science. He's great at explaining complex ideas in a straight-forward manner, which comes from his previous job as a journalist and an editor in New York.

He’ll be joined by Endeca's Chief Scientist, Daniel Tunkelang, who wrote the newly published Faceted Search . Also a co-founder of Endeca, Daniel loves to show teams how to create dialog-oriented, exploratory approaches to search. You can read about his thoughts on his blog, The Noisy Channel.

If you’re knee-deep in implementation, or working with folks who are designing for facets, be sure to set time aside for this presentation.

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